In the shoes of others

Because I'm homosexual, they think that I'm gonna force myself onto them

- Just because I'm a homosexual, doesn't mean i'm gonna force myself onto straight people... and it hurts my feelings that straight people don't want to be friends with me just because I'm homosexual and they think that I'm gonna force myself onto them. And that's all I really got to say about that. It's pretty self-explanatory.

- So it's something that you have heard many times?

- Definitely...

- Do you think it's a common cliché for homosexual people?

- Yeah definitely is, huh huh.

- Okay, hum... is there anything else you would like to share about that?

- Hum, no, that's really it to be honest. It just hurts my feelings that people don't see me for the person I am instead of the sexuality I am.

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