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- A: I've tried a few drugs, but I'm not like addicted to them, you know? I don't know what to say, it's just fun sometimes...

- So that's recreational and you just do it sometimes?

- A: Yeah, and obviously we look after our bodies as well, to make sure you... I don't know what to say!

- I guess I can have a few questions! So, what's the benefit of using these drugs, what do you get from that?

- A: Well, the thing with like acids, you just learn shit I suppose, sometimes you learn shit, sometimes it's just very fun and you... make experiences!

- Like, are you seeking for something that you cannot reach or get from being "sober" if that's the word?

- A: Yeah, I suppose...

- How did you discover drugs?

- A: Oh, like, someone would just say « Oh I have this » and I'm like « Oh, what's that? »... people and friends, you know...

- So you tried it with no fear, you were just like « Ok let's see! » ?

- A: Yeah... certain drugs are actually kind of beneficial to help you open up and stuff and things like that.

- Yeah, there's even more and more research demonstrating that I think LSD and psychedelic mushrooms can help with depression.

- A: Yeah, I think it does!

- Have you ever heard any kind of judgments from people about you using drugs?

- A: Yeah, a lot lot of times!

- B: Yeah, it's heavily frowned upon by society but in reality, they're beneficial honestly...

- A: Or not necessarily, it depends on the person and situation.

- B: Yeah, exactly!

- Is there down sides?

- A: There's quite a lot of down sides!

- B: Things like addiction and stuff, the more you take it you start to just depended on it and stuff like that...

- That would be one... and I guess the illegal side, because you don't buy those at Tesco, then of course it can also affect your physical and mental health negatively... is there anything else you would like add around than that?

- A: Not really... just « Be yourself » I suppose, don't listen to what other people tell you to do, just listen to people's advice, but don't evolve on other people's opinions.

- Okay! Do you have any recommendations for people who never took drugs and are thinking of trying?

- B: Be safe about it. Just be safe, don't be stupid and like pick up random people in the street or like do it in an unsafe area.

- A: And get your drugs tested!

- How do you test them?

- B: You can get things to test them and you can take a little bit of the drug and then chemicals and stuff like that will tell you...

- So there's a chemical reaction that will tell you how pure it is and such?

- A: Yeah, if you get a certain color. That means that it's got... whatever there is.

- Okay. I guess « be surrounded by the right people », you don't want to be with people you don't know?

- B: Yeah, exactly, make sure you're with people who make you feel safe and comfortable and stuff like that.

- Do we do things like... some people when taking for instance mushrooms or things that you know, kind of make you lose track of what we call "the real world", they tend to take it like one after the other, like one person will trip while the other is watching on them and then vice versa?

- B: Yeah, that's trip setting someone, so like, if he wanted to take acids or psychedelics or something like that, I should probably try to stay sober to make sure that he's fine. But that's not what we're gonna do right now! (laughing)

- It sounds like a good practice at least, I guess.

- A: It also depends if you're kind of comfortable...

- B: Yeah, how comfortable and experienced you are at taking drugs, too...

- Yeah, so like if you take mushrooms, you should increase the dose little by little to get to know yourself and how that affects you... I know someone who had a veeeery bad experience even though she was very experienced, taking several different drugs and all, and still...

- B: Yes, you can still have one, no matter how much you take it. You can still have bad experiences, so like, don't become too cocky about it and think that you know everything...

- A: Yeah, but even bad experiences, they're also still experiences, you can learn from them...

- So in terms of learning, what is the most important thing that you've learned while taking drugs?

- A: Honestly, I can't tell you. I can only tell you when I'm actually fully on it. Because the things that you learn is like... our "normal" brain couldn't comprehend certain things without it, really...

- So you tend to forget, kind of like in a dream where you wake up and you don't fully remember afterwards?

- A: Yeah, because there's things you've never seen in life, so you actually don't really know how to describe them. But yeah, I suppose...

- Do you also have an answer?

- B: Hummm... honestly, just the same as him. When I smoke weed, I feel like it opens up a new part of my brain. It certainly opens up your eyes a little bit and makes you think and stuff...

- A: It makes you feel connected a lot, to, like, everything!

- Would you describe more of that feeling?

- B: It's hard to describe!

- A: Like acids, I think all it is, is that it's like making all the energy that you don't see usually, you see it and feel it...

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