In the shoes of others


Someone on their bike read the question « What would you like people to understand about you? » on my board and shouted at me « Everything! » with a smile, while cycling away.

I had a few people passing by and telling me the most random things quickly while walking away, like an other person who told me « I'll tell them about my Willy! » (#wtf!? 😄). Besides those "interesting" interactions, I actually found this « Everything ! » pretty interesting... I'm genuinely curious to hear your feelings and opinions about this and invite you to do a little exercise around that too! 😊

So, I invite you to perhaps close your eyes, to free your mind of all thoughts and imagine that absolutely everyone suddenly understands everything about you! You are genuinely fully understood, free from all judgments and assumptions from others.
Please read the previous sentence a second time to integrate it and take a minute to do this experience.
Would you mind sharing with everyone here how did you feel? What is different when you imagine this scenario? Feel free to share anything you want after doing this exercise! 😊

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