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People always assume that I'm straight

- People always assume that I'm straight because the way I present, and I just think people should not assume that kind of things. I think people, especially like if you're more feminine presenting people are like « Well, they are female » and like a masculine presenting « Oh that's a man » and then with sexuality, because I look feminine, people would just be like « Okay that's a straight girl » and I just think people should take a moment back and not assume that straight away every time.

- How do you feel about the clichés or preconceptions about lesbians or bisexual women?

- I wouldn't say I fit the clichés of being a lesbian... and I get a lot of unwanted attention from men, a lot of the time, so that's the big negative of presenting as a feminine lesbian.

- How do you feel when a guy, who perhaps even knows you and knows about your sexual orientation, comes to you and tries something...

- I get a lot of like « Oh I can turn you straight » but I feel like if I had like shorter hair or wore boys clothes I wouldn't get that... Because I unintentionally cater to the male gaze so they think that just because I look like that then they can turn me straight... which is not possible! (laughing)

- So there's this assumption that there is a dress-code and that kind of things for lesbian/bi/pan women?

- Oh yeah, definitely.

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