In the shoes of others

The complexity of each individuals

- I'd like people to understand the complexities of each individual, and how they are affected emotionally by people's inability to even question them, you know... that's what I'd like people to understand; everybody's individual perspectives and their own situation. Understanding certain behaviors can depend on environment, how they grew up and stuff... but it's more of on an individual and emotional level that people should be understood. Emotionally rather than just intellectually, you know? If everybody was to understand some of these emotions, they could help each others.

- How do you feel when you see someone being misunderstood by others?

- I feel a little... uneasy? And if I can help them and understand them, then just ask them? As I said, everybody is an individual, you've got to find out exactly what it is why they're feeling the way they do, you got to be delicate, you know...

- Is there something that yourself, you find difficult to understand about others perhaps?

- Yeah of course, everybody is a little bit difficult sometimes. I even find my wife difficult sometimes on an emotional level, you know, I feel a little bit outdated, but she puts me in my place. (laughing) I just want my emotional level to be understood the same as I want to understand yours, you know? What brought you here, was it an emotional situation? Or is it strictly for education... Yeah that's what we need to do. We need to speak to people, instead of being strangers, because in the end we are one, really...

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