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No one understood why I went to Tanzania

- This summer I traveled to Tanzania to work in a school, in a small village called Chamazi, and a lot of people in France, even one of my best friends, she was like « What the hell are you going to do in Tanzania? » like « Why!? », and I was like « I just want to travel, I want to explore the world and everything » and she was like « Then just go to New York! » and she was really serious and really didn't understand why I went there, and even some people that I barely knew were like « Why didn't you go to New York? » and all of them just want to go to the United States and no one understood why I went there, though it was the best time of my life. I'm very proud I did that instead of going to New York.

- What have you discovered about yourself or others or anything, what was the most interesting part of visiting Tanzania?

- I discovered that we don't have to have a job to be happy, people were just walking on the beach all day and selling some food in the morning to have money for a few days and they were just living day by day, and I think it's a better, maybe not better but it's another way of living that's also valid. They don't go to school but they are still happy.

- Why do you think people were like « You should go to New York instead », what do you think they thought would be better for you?

- Because they just live in the Instagram world and just see New York, they think it's the only place where you can travel. I don't know, I don't understand them so...

- It sounds strange yes, because when you hear from people going to Africa, Asia etc and they share how enriching that was...

- Yes, these are all interesting parts of the world.

- Yes... Anything else to add around that?

- Well, travel, go to Africa!

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