In the shoes of others

Because I'm a bit different, people kind of pick on me

- There's one thing that is quite strange, I've got multiple disabilities. Because I'm a bit different, people kind of pick on me when I'm minding my own business. Sometimes it's not very very nice. So when it's not that nice, you tend to forget so it doesn't hurt anymore. Or well, that's what I try to do...

- Would you tell me a bit more on how does that make you feel?

- Because I was born this way, I don't know any different. It's just like... part of me. That is hard to say because I still sweep that kind of things under the carpet, maybe not as much as before but I still do it. It was just a lot of hard work to get there so it's not noticeable as much unless I talk about it. At the beginning I was like « Why me? » and after a long period of time I just changed that to « Why wish for things you can't do, just get on with it... ». Well, it makes you a better person I think. And really, that's the only thing in my life that bothers me.
I suppose I'm luckier than most anyway. They say I'm not as far down in my epileptic absence seizures or my cerebral palsy, but that was a lot of hard work, if I didn't do that I'd be needing help for everything, and that includes walking. It's not too bad now but I get quite a lot of pain. When I've been walking a lot I need to remember to rest up as well, because I use to keep going on and on and on and on, especially when I was upset... instead of taking out on the person that upset me I took out myself, maybe that was silly but it's better than taking out on them anyway.

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