In the shoes of others

People mistake me from where I'm from

- Because my skin is quite tanned, people mistake me from where I'm from. So they always ask me « Where are you from? » I say Edinburgh, they say « Yeah, but where are you from? » you know? I do have some Italian background, some distant heritage but you know, often I've been stopped at airports and that sort of things, and people taking second looks and whatnot, so it makes you doubt yourself a little bit to just say where you're actually from, you know?

- So it's like they don't trust you...

- They don't trust me basically yeah, so it hurts a bit inside you know, but most of the time I just let it wash off my back, you know...

#skin #skincolor #tan #whereareyoufrom #heritage #secondlook #doubt #yourself #trust #hurt

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