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Mom by default

- I'd like people to understand that it's not always like textbook families, a mom and a dad and two kids... families can come in all different shapes and sizes. And it's not automatically the mom that you should look for. There's single fathers, I was raised by a single father pretty much. And I'd just like people to understand that families come in all different shapes and sizes, and they're so diverse...

- Can you think of an example of...

- I don't know it's just really small things within school, it's always like « I'll phone your mom » or « Can you get your mom to sign this? » like why is that the automatic one that people go for?

- How does that make you feel when people do so?

- Sometimes a little bit upset and a bit frustrated, because I don't have a good relationship with my mom. It's my dad, really. And then it's always « No no no, you need to find my dad! » or « It's my dad that sorts it. » or with my step parents they say « Oh is this your dad? » and I'm like « No. », there's always these assumptions...

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