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Racism and football

- So, I looooove football, so we're taking it from that perspective, right? A recent example of racism in football was England and the penalties shooters. Do you know what I'm talking about?

- Uhhhh, I know nothing about football!

- You don't know!? That was a massive national story! So basically England went to the final of the Euros, and they lost on penalties. The last three people who missed the penalties were black. And they got a lot of abuse.
I think that people don't see race, yes? It's on merit. So, the only reason they were annoyed at that, wasn't because they were black, because if they've scored, they would have loved them. And I include myself, If I look at my football team, I don't care who scores! If you score and play well, I love you! If you play bad, I hate you! If you are, say, black, and you have a bad game, I'd be like « Ahhh I hate you! » and if you are white and you play bad I would say the same! So, I agree that there are racists, I think there's a small percentage of people who are, but I think a lot of how we judge other people is on merit, what you do as a person, yeah? So if you do something I like, because it takes talent or skill that I can't do, if you're a football player, you take the ball and boom you score last minute, I fucking love you! I don't care about your skin. If you're my favorite player, take the ball, last minute, place over the bar, I'm like « Uhhhhh fuck you! ». So, it comes to merit, not race, I don't think that people are naturally bad, it takes an effort to be bad.

- Yes, we're not born racist.

- Yes, and it's easy to be nice, and you have to sort of prove yourself to be worthy, whether you are black, asian, white or something, I'm not going to love you unconditionally. If you do something for me, you play good for me, I'm gonna fucking love you. It's not a racist thing. So the problem is that I think right now, there's so much focus on racism, we're almost dividing each other, and we are actually patronizing people of color. We shouldn't focus on the color too much, because when we start to focus too much, that's when it becomes about race. We have to see the person for what they are, you know what I mean? Same with women, there's great women, and shit women. You look at guys, there's horrendous sexist guys and there's also fantastic guys, who give their lives for good causes and stuff. It's a spectrum, we're all the fucking same, we should look at the person, not the color, I drop the mic' and I go on that!

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