In the shoes of others

People always think I lie

- I've been in situations where people always think I lie. Say some fake truth. For me, I'm the realest guy. That's what I want people to understand. Me, I give back to others and community to help. I love helping my people, I love helping those that needs. So I know what's going on with truth, always keep it hundreds yes, you understand?

- And why would people think you weren't saying the truth?

- Because rumours. They look at me, they judge a book by its cover.

- And what do you think that cover is?

- I don't know! Maybe intimidating? Maybe mischievous? I don't know, for me I perceive myself as a great person. Martin Luther said « I have a dream ». That's what I've got, a dream to help everywhere. To keep up, be truthful, and that's me. That's what I want people to understand about me.

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