In the shoes of others

People assume I'm happier than I am

- I think a lot of people assume that I'm happier than I am or appear to be. They'll take jokes too far whereas I will take them personally but I don't want to show that on the other side.

- Why do you think people assume that you're happier?

- I think because I always aim to pick people up, and other people, not that they don't pick me up as well, but they assume I'm picking myself up along with them.

- How does that make you feel when this part of you is... not seen, I guess?

- I suppose in a good way, they might see me as strong, but at the same time, they maybe see me as not somebody that they need to come to and checking on, which can hurt a wee bit, you know...

- Is this something you've ever shared with someone and if yes, what was their response?

- I once shared that I was contemplating taking my life, and the person just said « think about my conscience! », like what they would feel if I've done that... I was like « that's the last thing in my head, how they would feel ».

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