In the shoes of others

I don't see people as human beings anymore

- My life isn't about being understood by other people... maybe because I'm a bit older than you, I see things differently. I don't see people as human beings anymore.

- Really?

- I see them more just like robotic sheep. I kinda knew that for a long time, but I think that the whole Covid situation has kind of amplified two different types of human beings.

- So, one type would be robotic sheep, how about the other one?

- I'm not sure if we should call them robotic sheep, but well, there's one type that has actually no capacity to think for themselves.

- And the other part has this capacity?

- Yes I think there's a small percentage of people that question things and read alternative media and make up their own mind, you know, instead of just repeating without question whatever the government or the mainstream media says, or the neighbors or the friends of family. It's not difficult to mind control sheep. You just keep repeating the same thing over and over, and then they will do whatever they tell you honestly...

- Hum... back to what you were saying about the fact that you don't really mind about being understood, has it always been like that?

- Probably not, but you know... it's not really important for me... I mean, I believe that like attracts like and you eventually end up speaking to like-minded people through some kind of magical force in the universe that attracts you to people of your own sort of kind and the way that you think, except certain cases when you have meet people that you feel are like the opposite of ourselves... I know that we have nothing in common, you know. It's just an energy we pick up from people.

- One more question, if I may... if I remove "about you" from my question and ask you "What would you like people to understand?", what would you say?

- I would like people to understand that they are being made a complete and utter fool of. With this whole situation, with Covid, there's basically just a complete fraud, which was planned many many years ago by a group above government level, and have governments like puppets. They organize through different organizations and... yeah, I would like people to know that, that they have been completely scammed. Because it's not much fun being on the other side, and seeing people behaving in certain ways, you know, like, putting face masks on, when there's absolutely no need to. I've worn face masks three years before Covid for traffic, because I have a health condition, I have immune system problems, so I've worn psycho masks, but it's just beyond belief that people are willing to cover up their faces in shops and buses, it's just a lie, you know, no one needs to wear face masks, and if they wanted to ask people to wear face masks they could ask, not trying to force them. In fact, they are actually trying to force people.

- And do you have a clue on why those people or organizations...

- Yes, I've got my opinions, I've read different sources, I don't believe every single thing that I read in books, I read and then I kind of go over my mind what I think makes sense, I think I've got a good idea of what's going on but it would take a long time to go into different aspects of it...

- Maybe in one sentence, what would be the aim of all of that?

- Well, I mean, it's all about controlling people. And you need fear. So two words that you can pick would be fear and control. And I think that's what this group of people on this planet have got planned over the next ten/twenty years of humanity, and they will be using all the technology etc to try to eventually get humans to accept implants inside their bodies. To begin with it's holdables [pointing the smartphone I was using to record the conversation], and then it's wearables, and the next stage is implantables. At some point they are going to try and force people to accept a chip that's going to have all your data in it... Sorry but I would rather live as an outcast, living in the forest or whatever...

Note from the author of the project: As this story might sound controversial to most, please keep in mind that I personally won't always agree with what the participants of this project share. My idea is to give the opportunity to anyone to share their feelings, values, beliefs, etc, and for the readers to try to understand them the best they can. I hope to hear from rapists and murderers for instance, even though rape and murder aren't part of my personal values. Understanding doesn't mean that you must agree at all. And it doesn't mean that you shouldn't fact-check information (whether you doubt them or not, by the way), because most of us humans are perfectible and not a hundred percent of the time right. Thank you!
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