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The assumptions of what a Scottish person should look like

- When people have asked me « Where are you from? » and I say « I'm from Scotland » and then they say « No, it doesn't look like you're from Scotland, where you're actually from? », that's... people don't understand that it's actually quite insensitive in a way, because I am mixed race, but I am from Scotland, so...

- Why do you think people assume that you are from somewhere else?

- Probably just because I don't look really Scottish...

- You don't have a Scottish accent either.

- No, I don't, so people just assume it's okay to ask.

- How does that make you feel when someone assumes... and doesn't believe you, essentially?

- Humm... It makes me feel almost like there's « You know, you're not Scottish, you're not supposed... ». I don't know, I'm not fitting their umbrella of you know, assumptions of what a Scottish person should look like. So it just kind of irritates me...

- Do you have an idea of what a Scottish person looks like? Or what are the condition to fit into the « Oh yeah, you're definitely from Scotland » thingy?

- I think that there is no kind of specific aesthetics or look or accent that you're supposed to have. I think, you know, everyone is different and everyone has different backgrounds, it's got nothing to do with the way you look or the way you sound, basically, so...

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