In the shoes of others

I'm not dressing the way that I dress for attention

- This has been said to death, but I'm not dressing the way that I dress for attention, or to impress anybody or to show off my body to anyone other than myself. Because that's something that, I feel like, as curvier women especially, but generally as girls, we get told all the time when you wear any sort of top or any short skirt and immediately the reaction you get is « Careful! » and also « Who are you dressing like that for? ». Which is really frustrating...
- Yes... someone might wear make up and pretty clothes even on a Sunday when staying home alone, it's for themselves, not especially for anybody else...
- Exactly! It's for yourself and also, I would like to ask, especially men, to stop believing that because we are dressed the way that we are dressed, that you are allowed to grope me or look at me in any sort of ways, scream at me from your car, honk, all of that, because it doesn't really give you any sort of rights to do that. Obviously it doesn't just happen to women who dress provocatively but it is something that they feel like they can do because of what we wear. And it's something that I really struggle with.
- Anything else you would like to add to that?
- Hum... It isn't directly related, but just a really short one: Bisexual people are not just promiscuous. And you can be promiscuous and bisexual, but one thing doesn't tell the other, and it's super reductive to say that, because you know, we like all genders, that we are willing to go with anyone. (laughing)
- Exactly, if you are a straight man, you won't be attracted to all the girls, let's be realistic!
- Yeah, exactly! (laughing)

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