In the shoes of others

Not black, not white

- Basically, my mom is black and my dad is white, and growing up as a mixed kid, you didn't really fit in with the white kids, and you didn't really fit in with the black kids, so there's really just no... you get discriminated on the white side, you get discriminated on the black side, and it's just... where do you belong, you know?

- Do you think it might be even more difficult to deal with than if you were white or black?

- I wouldn't say so, you know, racism is a very big thing against black people, and I don't face it as much as they do, so... I can't really complain. It happens, but it doesn't happen as often.

- If there's something you could say to people who might discriminate you, on both sides I guess, what would it be?

- Just... grow up, you know? Everyone is different, everyone comes in different colors, shapes and sizes. Grow up and be nice!

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