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Opinions and beliefs

- At my school there was a big problem where people took large offence of other people's opinions. I don't think a lot of people share the feeling with me that opinions are opinions, and I don't think people should be as offended just because someone believes in something different, like I'm not going to take offence if someone says they believe in God or someone says they are a buddhist. That's a belief. Beliefs aren't too different from opinions, they're just how people view the world.

- They are personal?

- Yes they are personal, so they should just accept that that's their opinion. They can try and change that person's opinion, but they shouldn't take it for themselves. Opinions are to be shared, but they're also to be taken as not facts, they are a belief and an opinion in something and they are there to be understood and acknowledged. They can be challenged but I don't think they should be quieted or silenced.

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