In the shoes of others

I really just wanted to fit in and be accepted

- Regardless of my background, regardless of how much money I came from, regardless of how smart I portray myself or how bored I get in class and talk too much, or you know... I really just wanted to fit in and be accepted. Not because of the labels that I wore on my clothing, but just because of my heart. And I guess I would like my younger version of myself to not be afraid to share that her dad was gay, and that people would have fully understood that and that I didn't have to hide so many parts of myself, and I guess I just want people to understand that they shouldn't have to either. And yeah, the world would be a much happier place if we just walked from a place of self love, because I think all the fear and insecurity and the hurt and the violence, really that's the place that comes from, insecurities.

- It sounds like a lot of pressure when you were younger... why for?

- I guess the pressure, I especially when I was younger was to prevent myself from being hurt, judged, ostracized, you know... I think everyone just wants to be loved and accepted.

- How did you manage to be more free from that, now that you are older?

- I think it's just from acknowledging, talking to others, traveling, having different experiences, therapy, both in the counseling context as well as the spiritual context, so I guess really reconnecting to my spiritual self that hasn't been watched out.

- What would you advise to someone who feels the same as the younger you?

- Find the people who love all parts of you, find that group of people where you don't have to hide, and dance a lot!

- Okay! (laughing)

- Yeah! (laughing) Just move your body, be creative, get in nature, walk barefoot on the grass and get some sunshine, especially here in Scotland.

- You have two months for that here, yearly. (laughing) You said before « Be surrounded by people who love every part of you », has it been difficult for you to find those people?

- There's people who, you know, will call you on your stuff, give you feedback etc, but you know that it comes from a place of care. So yeah, I found those people, it took a while, but I found them. And sometimes it takes letting go of the ones that aren't healthy, who perpetuate those insecurities, or you know, there's toxic relationships in your life to be able to have space for others...

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