In the shoes of others

I'm just quite shy and timid

- People just presume I'm really rude, because I'm just quite shy and timid and I like to be kept to myself. I don't talk a lot to people, so that come across as rude and mean to people. But I'm actually not, I'm really nice. (laughing)

- Do you like people?

- Certain people, yeah. (laughing) Yeah I do like people, yeah!

- So is it like an introvert thing?

- Yes, it's a very big introvert trait. I just need more time to adjust to new people in my life...

- What kind of things have you heard from people then?

- A lot of people said « Oh I thought you hated me! » or « I thought you didn't like me... » or whatever, but I do, I just have a deadpan face, I think I smile a lot, but people don't think I smile a lot and they think I'm very mean, but I'm really not.

- How do you feel like it affects your relationships with others?

- I have strong connections to my close friends, I like to have a small group of people around me rather than a lot of people. I just need more time, I try my best...

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