In the shoes of others

I am very good at giving out advice

- I would like people to understand about me that I am very good at giving out advice, not so good at taking it myself. And that I'm a lot more understanding than what I might come across as.

- So, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where a friend comes to you and explains their situation, you give them an advice and they don't especially follow your advice or believe that it's a good one?

- Yeah! (laughing)

- How does it feel for you, when someone doesn't listen to your advice?

- I don't mind if they don't really listen, as long as they pick the right choice in the end. I don't know what their right choice is.

- You still think you have the right advice? (laughing)

- (laughing) No, not necessarily, because that would be the right way for me to deal with it, not the right way for someone else to deal with it.

- Do you phrase is that way, when you give the advice?

- Maybe not! (laughing)

- Because it can make a difference, between « If I was in your situation, I would do that ... » and « You need to do that »... I feel like it's a good thing to do, when a friend explains to you « Oh I have this difficulty », to ask « What would you suggest to a friend in the same situation? », because eventually, they will project their own situation and way to deal with things and apply what they need, no?

- Yes, very true.

- Hum... do you feel like in general they are requested advices, or they just share their experiences?

- I don't know... I suppose they want the advice, because they wouldn't ask if they wouldn't want it, but then sometimes people ask for advice and don't realize they don't want it...

- And we naturally tend to give advices...

- Yes, and naturally tend to say what you would do rather than listen what the other person would do.

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