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I don't understand myself yet

- I guess I don't really know how to answer the question, because I feel like to a certain extent, I don't understand myself yet. I'm still young, I feel like I'm constantly changing as a person, that there is nothing in particular that I would expect for one person to understand about me, because I don't know myself, in the same respect other people do. And I think you're very lucky if you can answer that question and say « This is what I want people to know » because I don't think it is black and white or as obvious to have an answer, and that is something I would have to think about for a while in order to come up with an honest answer on what I want people to know about me or understand about me. And I think a lot of it is probably me knowing and not be willing to share. I don't expect people to understand me, I don't expect that, I think I do expect for people not to have a preconception based on your background, what you look like etc, because no one will ever know what you're going through, like everyday is a struggle for most people, so...

- How does it affect your life not to know yourself that much? (kidding a little)

- It makes it quite fun! (we're laughing)

- Yeah?

- Yeah, because everyday you can just kind of try and figure out... and I feel like I'm always in a constant state of change and I fluctuate between emotions and how I view the world. I'm trying to figure out so I can understand myself better in order to understand other people better. I think that's a massive part, if you don't understand yourself, how can you possibly understand someone else? So I think a lot of internal reflexion has to be done in order to reflect on other people's experiences.

- Do you actively try to understand yourself? By challenging yourself in different ways or something?

- Yes, I do a lot of self reflexion, a loooooot of meditation, my Gooooood! (laughing) Yeah, I'm not sure, yeah I try, I think everyone tries, not one person hasn't tried to understand what they want, what their goals are in life... I also feel like it adds a lot of pressure to know who you are, to know what you want to do, that's like spoon-fed to us from when we were so young, like « What job do you want to do? », « What university do you want to go to? », « What degree do you want to go into? » and it's impossible to know when you are so young, your environment changes so your views change. A lot of it has to do with the people you surround yourself with... I know that the views I held when I was younger aren't necessarily the views I hold now, because I'm not hanging out with the same types of people. And because I've been influenced and exposed to more people, understanding people's experiences or tried to, at least. So to your answer your question, how do I go about understanding myself, that will be by reflecting on the experiences of other people, in order to have a deep understanding of who I am and who I want to be, based on other people I guess...

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