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Just a moment of gratefulness

No posts today.

Rather, I really wanted to say "thank you!" to all the people who have participated in this project so far, because besides potentially helping others to understand you (and people with similar issues or situations, beliefs etc), I'm also learning a lot doing this on a personal level.

I might overthink how I did during the interviews at times, blame myself for not finding better questions or missing the point, for assuming things, commenting when I shouldn't or whatnot. The truth is, I really learn a lot along the line, on how to be a better listener, on how to get the right questions for the readers as well, which is a new skill I need to develop because doing this is far from anything I've done before.

At the beginning of this project, I was very anxious each time I was going outside to meet people, because doing this is soooo outside of my comfort zone! Doing it again and again helped lots though, it became much easier and I'm now only enthusiastic to go outside with my question on a board, no more anxious, not as insecure as I used to be. Still insecure on certain aspects, like being public on here and doing a video of me speaking like most people with such projects do, rather than writing this. Maybe it'll come as some point, we'll see, I guess it's not so important.

Talking with you all also made me realize the existence of certain tools and the importance of certain practices that can contribute to my own (somewhat fragile) mental health ; I'm still processing all of that and guess I will share more at some point when it will be more clear to me.

This project literally steals my time while getting zero financial profit for it. Besides the time to go out interviewing people, to wait when no one comes and see me, it takes me an average of an hour to transcribe 5 minutes of recorded conversation, plus the time to read again 2/3 times the transcriptions before posting them, the time to post on instagram and my website, etc.
There's a huge counterpart to that though, because overall, and despite the project being very small so far (you are one of only 300 followers for now), it gives me a reason to go outside, to meet more people, to understand more, document myself more on things I don't know or don't know enough about, and most importantly, to think more on how could I help others in the future while learning some of the skills for it. And this is huge!

This project also does what I hoped it would before I was sure it would; it helps me to channel some of my energy into something positive and meaningful. Which again, helps with my mental balance, as one of the reasons (probably the main one) I started it was because staying silent about discrimination was difficult to handle alone. Now I can actively do something about it, and I can now tell that it changes everything in how I deal with this struggle!

I am so very grateful for all of that and many other things I forget to mention, so thank you again to everyone that has been involved so far, and to those who have been very encouraging with their messages and comments on the project/idea.

This is only the beginning and if you want to support this project, the best you can do for now is to share it and to invite your friends or anyone that might be even just slightly interested to follow it. That would help so much!!

Thank you again... lots!!! :))

Oh, and a beautiful quote about all of that to end this long rant: « When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. but if you listen, you may learn something new. » The Dalai Lama

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