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My English could be better, but when people don't understand me, I feel frustrated

- Sometimes I have some kind of a small... it's not a trauma, but it's something that I have in my head when I speak in English, because it's not my native language. I know my English could be better, but when people don't understand me, I feel frustrated. They ask me to repeat again, but I sometimes get nervous and then the way I explain myself becomes probably even worse... one time someone was like « Are you speaking English for real? » ... you know, it's like « Yeah, I'm speaking English, I'm sorry my accent is sometimes quite strong, I'm working on it! ». I feel like they could be more gentle... because if someone is speaking to me in Spanish, because it's my native language, I would try to understand what they are saying, and don't put him in a space of « You are not speaking my language », I'd try to make him or her feel more welcome and maybe help...

- So it'd be great for them to be more patient, maybe?

- Mostly to be more educated. I mean, they can do whatever they want, but I don't want to feel like I'm not able to speak. And that's kind of the way I feel like sometimes...

- Yes... and I guess that if you or I start learning Chinese, you know, it might be difficult for Chinese people to understand us at first...

- Yes, that's right...

- Do you get those comments or reactions less and less maybe? Because I can really understand you well...

- There are days I feel more stupid in English than other days. Today I feel less stupid maybe... it depends.

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